Corporate Wardrobe


Whether you are an intrepid explorer or a day to day city commuter, Altitude has an assortment of backpacks, luggage bags and travel accessories for you to select from. We offer a stylish range of bags that will cater for your travelling needs, regardless of the distance to travel or what you wish to pack. Built with the highest of standards and quality materials, our travel bags are designed to be as resilient as possible, while providing you with optimum space for your contents. The look and feel of our travel bags separates them from the rest, and allows you to ferry them around with relative ease.

Whether we partake in it for work or leisure, travelling is a part of our lives. We are driven by the need to discover new places, meet new people and achieve professional goals. Wherever we go, we take essentials with us such as clothes, electronics and tools that will help us to achieve whatever we have set out to do. A fashionable and reliable bag from Altitude’s travel luggage range allows us to store our belongings safely and travel in confidence.

With the availability of our bags in South Africa, everyone is sure to have their luggage needs catered for. Our laptop bags, for instance, have been designed to cater for various sizes of laptops and accommodate the accessories such as a power cable and mouse. Some of our bags come with partitions and compartments for the secure storage of your contents. This is especially ideal for those of you who would like to store your contents separately, but still have the comfort of knowing that they are in one bag.

We are here to provide you with a travel solution that is exceptional. The comfort and utility value that these bags provide is unparalleled, and will not disappoint even the most discerning of travellers. Your trips will never be the same once you store your belongings in our outstanding bags and travel to your location of exploration.