Corporate Wardrobe


Altitude Leisure Weardesigns and manufactures a number of jackets for men and women as well as unisex jackets for both. A good quality jacket is a must have when encountering extreme conditions or even just normal winter conditions. The jackets we design are suitable for a manner of different conditions and can be worn casually when out and about or when you go to work. This versatility makes Altitude jackets a popular choice with both men and women.

Since its inception in 1990, Altitude Leisure Wear has built its reputation on three core principles, quality, value, and customer service. By adhering to these principles, Altitude has managed to meet and surpass their client’s expectations with their durable and high quality garments. Our range of men’s jackets is available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, ensuring that there is a style for you no matter what your taste.

Our range of ladies jackets incorporate the latest trends while taking advantage of new technology which ensures that you are kept warm and dry not matter how bad the weather becomes. We offer seven different ladies jackets and they are all available in different sizes and colour options to provide you with the perfect fit not matter what the occasion.

We offer an unrivalled range of unisex jackets that are designed to fit both ladies and men, while providing ultimate comfort and protection from the elements. Our unisex range includes sixteen different designs, providing you with a wide choice of styles. In addition to these design options, all the unisex pieces are available in a variety of different size options, thus allowing you to find the perfect fit.

All our ranges are available in light and heavy options, allowing you to pick a jacket for a host of weather conditions. Our products cater for light rain conditions, cold and rain, and even for extremely cold conditions including snow, wind and rain.It is therefore an obvious decision to choose from our selection of men’s, women’s and unisex jackets.
Browse through our full selection available online and choose your favourites from our range ofjackets for the whole family andfor any occasion.